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What You Like To Be Called: AC
AIM/AOL Screenname: AC Likes Pie
What kind of RP you do (romance, general plot, group or one-on-one, etc): I'm not picky. I'm addicted to drama and will add in humor whenever I can. Romance is swheet, k. x3
The characters you RP: [In order of skill.] Mimi, Maureen, Mark, Benny, Joanne, Roger, Angel, Collins.
The pairings you RP: Roger/Mimi, Collins/Angel, Maureen/Joanne. Yes. All canon, bebe. :3
Your Limits (will you do smut or just makeout sessions? NASTY smut? Just girlsmut? Just guysmut? yadda yadda):
Longterm?: YESPLZ.
Do Oneliners Make You Twitch?: YES.
How Long Does It Take You To Post, Normally? (intros or otherwise): Three-Four mins, if I don't get distracted. I write alot.
What You Absolutely Won't Do: Mark/Roger. D:
Other Interests or Fandoms you RP?: I do alot of orginal stuff. No other fandoms, really.
Anything else you'd like to tell us?: ILOVEYOU. <3
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