Sara Lauren (cheeznquackers) wrote in rentimrp,
Sara Lauren

An intro about a month late. Hurrah.

What You Like To Be Called: Sara works just fine. ^^;
AIM/AOL Screenname: bagels x shmear or xla vie bohemexo (I'm on both, generally)
What kind of RP you do (romance, general plot, group or one-on-one, etc): Oh, I go for anything really. I'm quite the fan of Roger/Mark slash, however.
The characters you RP: Mark is my best, but I can do Maureen, Mimi, perhaps I'll try my hand at Roger and any other non-main-eight that you like.
The pairings you RP: Mark/Roger, Mark/Maureen, Roger/Mimi, Maureen/Joanne
Your Limits (will you do smut or just makeout sessions? NASTY smut? Just girlsmut? Just guysmut? yadda yadda): I do all smut all day. Bwahaha.
Longterm?: Sure
Do Oneliners Make You Twitch?: Not particularly. I'm flexible.
How Long Does It Take You To Post, Normally? (intros or otherwise): Well, THIS intro is LONG overdue. But I usually can go relatively quickly.
What You Absolutely Won't Do: Oh, I'm an adventurer. I'm not a fan of Benny/Mimi, though.
Other Interests or Fandoms you RP?: Harry Potter, and other general RPs. I've RPed as my own characters and as Olive from The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.
Anything else you'd like to tell us?: Melissa is my luff. FIN.
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