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rentimrp's Journal

The Meetingplace for the Rentheads that are IM RPe
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Is that RP bug itching at you?
Do you have a plot in your head that no one wants to rp with you?
Can't find a forum that does Rent RP?
Or maybe you can find one but all your favorite characters are taken?
Are the forums getting on your nerves anyway?
Did all your old RP buddies get abducted by aliens?

Yeah, us too.

SO! Come join Rent IM RP! Where you can meet your future over-IM RP buddies- for Rent, or if you share other interests, other stuff too!

In your intro, post this:

What You Like To Be Called:
AIM/AOL Screenname:
What kind of RP you do (romance, general plot, group or one-on-one, etc):
The characters you RP:
The pairings you RP:
Your Limits (will you do smut or just makeout sessions? NASTY smut? Just girlsmut? Just guysmut? yadda yadda):
Do Oneliners Make You Twitch?:
How Long Does It Take You To Post, Normally? (intros or otherwise):
What You Absolutely Won't Do:
Other Interests or Fandoms you RP?:
Anything else you'd like to tell us?:

Have fun, meet new people, and scratch that RP itch [thaaat wasn't corny at all...]